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Painting even one room in a house can leave homeowners feeling completely frustrated and even angry at the process. In addition to ensuring they have all the right tools and supplies, they must also deal with preparing the space and cleaning up later. Southern Home Services encourages locals to call and find out how their painters can get the job done faster and easier.

Painting exterior spaces begins with a thorough inspection to ensure the painters follow the necessary steps. When painting a brick or stone surface, they may sandblast the wall to remove any traces of old paint. They can also repair any damaged areas that can prevent the paint from sticking to the wall.

Protecting a home is just as important as painting that home. Professional painters use tape, tarps and other materials to prevent paint from coming in to contact with window frames and other structures the homeowners do not want painted. After applying primer and waiting for it to completely dry, they can apply multiple coats of paint to achieve the desired look.

Interior painting requires many of the same steps, including prepping the area. This might involve covering the baseboards and windowsills or helping homeowners remove heavier pieces of furniture from the space. Interior walls, especially those that feature one or more coats of older paint, typically require one or more coats of primer. Primer does a good job of sealing the wall and keeping the old paint color from bleeding through the new paint.

Southern Home Services wants homeowners to know that there are other steps that take place after the painting is done, including cleaning up the space and taking clients on a final walk through. The painters will remove all the tools and equipment used to complete the project and return the home to its previous condition. Many painters will even assist homeowners in hanging the paintings and decorations that were removed before the paint job back on the walls. Then, the homeowners will get the opportunity to inspect the finished product. The final walk through ensures that everyone is completely satisfied with the paint job.

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