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Leaky and improperly functioning gutters can wreak havoc on homes and on the minds of homeowners. Southern Home Services and its talented crew of contractors can help homeowners install new gutters, replace some broken parts of their system or provide them with an inspection and estimate that lets them know how much they can expect to spend.

The typical gutter system consists of two key pieces: gutters and downspouts. The downspouts run along the side of the house, from the roof to the foundation, and usually feature some type of downspout extension on the very bottom that sits right on the surface of the lawn. Gutters are the horizontal pieces that run along the top of the wall, just below the roof. When the system works properly, water from the roof and from falling rain land in the gutter and move smoothly to the downspouts, which then transfer the water safely away from the foundation and building.

Many homeowners now opt for gutter guards or gutter screens, which let them spend less time cleaning and maintaining their gutters. These guards and screens prevent debris from forming clogs and allow the water to keep moving smoothly through the system. Southern Home Services can talk with homeowners about the different types of screens and guards, help them select one that works with their current systems and install those handy devices too.

Contractors also provide plenty of help for homeowners when it comes to repairing existing gutters and installing new gutters too. Homeowners can choose between traditional systems and modern seamless systems. Seamless systems have a number of benefits over the older designs because manufacturers create those systems based on the specific design of the home. This allows the gutters to completely wrap around all sides of the home.

Some homeowners may reach out for help after finding large clogs, broken gutters or cracked downspouts. Cracks often appear after the area cycles between cooler and warmer temperatures quickly, and gutters may break because of the high winds found with a recent storm. Repairing the system allows homeowners to stop worrying about water damage on their homes and roofs.

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