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As the winter season approaches, many homeowners look for ways to keep out drafts and lower their monthly heating bill. A great place to start is by inspecting the windows. Fortunately, there are a few ways homeowners can winterize their windows to prepare for the colder months.

First and foremost, if the windows are old and worn out, the best approach is to contact a Charlotte windows professional in the area for assistance. It is highly recommended that homeowners replace the older windows with newer, more efficient ones. Newer casement windows offer the protection a home needs against the cold and stubborn winter weather.

Of course, not every homeowner has the finances to replace the windows throughout their home. Luckily, it is possible to perform some temporary fixes to the windows until the funds are in place for window replacement. One way to secure windows against the cold is to lay a strip of caulk around the casing of the window.

The caulk will close up any leaks and drafts that enter around the window. It's possible to determine where to place the caulk by using a candle to find out where drafts and leaks are. Lay caulking in areas around the window where a draft extinguished the flame of the candle.

Thick, plastic sheeting found in most home and garden stores or hardware stores can also be put to good use.

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Using a roll of plastic sheeting and a staple gun, secure the sheets of plastic over the windows on the inside or the outside to stop drafts in their tracks.

Weather stripping is yet another option. Weather stripping consists of a thin piece of material that homeowners can use to create a seal between the window and the window sill. It is also possible to create weather stripping by sewing strips of material together in a tube shape.

Close the tube at one end, and fill the tube with rice. Sew the open end shut, and place the tube between the window and the sill. Keep in mind that this only protects a small portion of the window, rather than the whole window and the casing around the window.

Finally, heavy dressings can also help winterize a home. Heavy curtains can prevent hot air from escaping the room whereas dark curtains absorb heat.

Keep in mind that these winterization tips are only temporary fixes. Use the money saved on monthly energy bills each month toward the purchase of new windows. Installing new windows on a home is the best way to protect against the cold winter chill.

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