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When it comes time to have experienced Charlotte windows installers replace a home's old units, many homeowners are interested in options that are energy-efficient. Argon gas-filled windows are a popular choice because they reduce the amount of thermal energy that flows into the house through the glass during the summer months of the year. Before making a decision, it is important that the property owner weighs the pros and cons of these windows.

Argon gas-filled windows are manufactured in a way that uses argon gas between the plates of glass rather than air. The argon gas is heavier than air, and it provides a greater level of resistance against heat flow into and out of the house. During the summertime, this means that less heat comes inside of the building. In the wintertime, these windows stop the heated air inside from flowing to the outdoors. As a result of the reduced heat flow, the energy usage of the house should be lowered.

Windows filled with argon gas are more expensive than traditional insulated double pane windows. For homes in the Charlotte area, these windows would usually pay for themselves through lower electricity bills in about 12 to 15 years of typical energy use.

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The R value, which refers to thermal resistance, is about 2.5 for an argon-filled window. An air-filled window has an R value of about 2. The difference in efficiency is not a great deal higher, which may mean that these windows are not a cost effective solution for all houses. Applying a low-emissivity film to a regular window may have better effects on the R value and at a lower cost.

Another consideration to keep in mind for argon-filled windows is that they do not block infrared or ultraviolet radiation. This means that the sun's UV light can still penetrate through the windows and cause fading to upholstered furniture, linens, wood furnishings and flooring. A reflective film or coating would block the infrared and UV energy, and it would do so at a lower cost than argon windows.

Homeowners seeking to lower their energy costs at a lower initial investment could consider a window with low emissivity window. If cost is a concern, replacing the windows on the south and west sides of the home would be a good start to lowering summertime air conditioning expenses, as these directions get the most direct sunlight. Property owners might also keep in mind that utility company incentives and state or federal tax credits may be available for low-emissivity or argon-filled windows.

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