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Window maintenance is one of a homeowner's top priorities. Windows are an important piece of home energy efficiency, and functional, aesthetically pleasing windows can contribute to a home's market value. Part of window maintenance is being able to identify when windows need to be replaced. While this can be expensive, and it's tempting to put it off as long as possible, professionals in the Charlotte windows industry point out that there are some attractive benefits to replacing windows, especially in older homes. Modern designs can update the look and feel of an older home, and they often offer functional advantages over older styles. Knowing whether windows need to be replaced or just repaired can be tricky. Experiences with the windows' performance can be a good indicator, as can their visual appearance.

When evaluating the performance of windows, consider things like how difficult they are to open or close. Over time, windows may start to stick. They may only open halfway. This is particularly noticeable on windows that have been repainted several times because coats of paint may cause window elements to adhere together. Properly maintained windows should open and close easily.

Locks may also wear out, which can expose a home to security risks. As windows age, they may allow warm or cold air into the home.

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Condensation and fogging are sure signs that something is wrong with the windows.

Visual signs that windows need to be replaced include chipping of the frame or glass and water stains on the inside wall or siding around the window. Any of these signs may mean that it's time to replace windows. Many homeowners also choose to replace their windows as a way to update the look of their home or to make regular cleanings easier.

For a uniform look, it's best to replace all of the windows on the same side or the same floor at once. While some replacement windows on the market may be a close match to other existing windows, it can be difficult to find a perfect match. Additionally, it may be worth exploring low-e glass and other kinds of window upgrades for energy efficiency. For homeowners who are also replacing siding, Charlotte window professionals recommend replacing windows first so that siding can be fit to the new sizes and shapes of the windows.

Once the decision to replace windows has been made, homeowners can turn to their local window installation professionals for the best options, advice, and quotes.

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