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When replacing old windows, Charlotte windows professionals encourage customers to look at double-pane windows. They are energy-efficient, capable of lowering the energy bill and increasing the curb appeal of the home.

It can be challenging to select the right windows because there are many styles and materials to choose from. Windows are a large investment, but homeowners should expect their new windows to last for decades.

The first question homeowners need to ask is if they want new windows or replacement windows. New windows are installed when changing the size, shape or location of current windows. This requires a contractor to change the structure surrounding the window and complete the installation process. Generally, new windows and replacement windows cost the same. What adds to the price of installing new windows is the additional labor. However, with new windows, a homeowner is able to change the way the interior and the exterior of their home looks and feels.

Replacement windows replace the windows that are currently installed. The frame, the trim and the surrounding window structure is not disturbed. Since there is less labor involved in installing replacement windows, the overall cost is less. Replacement windows are great when the existing frame is still good and when the trim fits the overall design of the home.

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Replacement windows are a good option when remodeling on a budget.

Once a homeowner has decided between replacement windows and new windows, the next step is deciding the style of window. Four popular styles include single or double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows and slider windows.

Once a style is selected, homeowners must then choose the frame and sash materials for their windows. Most window frames are made from wood or vinyl. Some are made from aluminum. These are less desirable because they are not energy-efficient.

Wood window frames have the benefit of being attractive and having the ability to stand up to changes in temperature. However, they do require a lot of maintenance. Vinyl frames are maintenance-free. They provide good insulation, and they have a reasonable price range.

Vinyl clad windows offer homeowners the best of both worlds. On the inside, they are framed with beautiful wood, and they have a vinyl coating on the exterior.

Finding the right window for a home can be an intensive process. However, it is well worth it since a home's windows play a large part in the way it appears and the way that it feels.

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