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When choosing windows for your home, you have more to consider than just the frames. You also have to pay close attention to the type of glass on your windows. There are glazes that go over the glass to increase energy efficiency as well. The type of glass that works best will depend heavily on the area in which you live. Ask your local Charlotte windows company which types work best in your area.

One type of energy-efficient window is gas filled. Manufacturers fill the space in between each pane of glass with gas to improve thermal performance. The most commonly used gasses are krypton and argon because they have a high resistance to heat flow through air. The way in which the windows are sealed keeps the gas trapped inside for years to come. However, cracks in the window can allow the gas to escape.

Windows covered in heat-absorbing tint are also used in homes that want to be more energy-efficient. The tint helps your windows absorb large amounts of solar radiation, preventing it from entering into your home. Hiring a professional to tint your windows will reduce visible transmittance, glare and solar heat gain.

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However, it's important to note that heat-absorbing window glaze often changes the color of your glass. Some homeowners like this because it gives them the ability to make their windows match the rest of their décor.

Homeowners can also go with simple insulated windows. Windows that have two or more panes of glass are considered insulated. These types of windows seal air in between each set of panels. While not as effective as gas-filled windows, they still help lower the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient.

Another type of window glaze to consider is a low-emissivity coating. This type of window, which is typically referred to as low-e, typically costs about 15 percent more than standard windows. However, this investment is worth it because they can reduce energy loss by nearly 50 percent compared to standard windows. Low-e windows work thanks to a microscopic layer of oxide metal that covers the glass panes. This layer reduces the U-factor and can be designed to allow for high, moderate or low solar gain.

Homeowners can also choose a reflective coating for their windows. This type of glaze reduces heat transfer by reflecting the sun. However, it's worth noting that this type of glaze is better at reflecting light than heat. This makes it better at reducing glare within the house, but it makes the windows more energy efficient as well.

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