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Charlotte Windows: Article About Window Condensation Problems and Solutions

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Interior condensation that builds up on the inside glass panes of a home's windows is a common occurrence, even for people who have recently had new windows installed. The main reason for this is that, unlike old, drafty windows, today's new airtight windows hold moist air inside the home. Condensation is especially noticeable when the air on the outside is extremely cold. Besides heat, daily routines of showering, cooking and cleaning can add to the interior temperature of the home and increase condensation buildup on windows. Surprisingly, breathing can contribute to the amount of moisture in the home as well. In fact, according to scientific research, one person can release as much as 5 pounds of moisture into the air of their home daily. That amounts to almost one gallon of water.

Some people may wonder why their old, drafty windows did not show condensation, whereas their new ones do. This is because the former windows allowed the home's warm air to escape. Homeowners who have new, energy efficient windows installed in their home by professional Charlotte windows experts may experience condensation problems because the new windows act like insulation to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. However, there are several easy ways homeowners can reduce window condensation problems.

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In the first place, condensation is decreased whenever the home's humidity level is lowered. Running a dehumidifier can help. Another solution is through adequate ventilation whereby humid, moist air can escape so that the home can breathe. This can be done with attic fans and vents. Moreover, operating exhaust fans for 15 to 20 minutes before and during cooking, showering and bathing can rid the air of excessive moisture. Ceiling fans can also help to circulate the air. If all else fails, homeowners might consider using an air-to-air exchanger.

Sometimes, homeowners may notice exterior condensation on their windows. This is normal and is oftentimes caused by dew that appears in the morning during spring and fall. This exterior condensation is also known as night-sky radiation, which happens when moisture from the air condenses on the colder exterior of the glass surface. It generally dissipates as soon as the sun comes up and warms the outside air. Homeowners may notice that some of their windows may get more exterior condensation and some won't. Factors such as overhangs, shrubs and plants may impede the air circulation around a window and lead to condensation.

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