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Selecting the right windows for your home can be a difficult task as there are several different styles, sizes and types from which to choose. You also need to consider their cost, whether they're energy efficient and how they'll affect your home's curb appeal. In order to make an educated decision about what kind of Charlotte windows you should choose, seek out the advice of a professional contractor.

Double-hung windows are one of the most popular styles and consist of two sashes, one on the top and the other on the bottom, which can be slid up and down to the desired amount of ventilation. When both sashes are open, air circulation is greatly increased. In a single-hung window, only the bottom sash moves upward to open, and the top sash is fixed, meaning it can't be moved.

Horizontal slider windows are an attractive option, especially in contemporary homes. These windows open with the sash sliding either to the right or left and come with a single or double slider, with the double sliders providing excellent ventilation. Horizontal sliders are easy to clean and operate and don't protrude.

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If you're mainly concerned with your home's appearance, consider picture windows, which are fixed. In rooms that are prone to drafts, picture windows let in natural light but not cool air. This type of window can make a room feel too hot, so you should consider having picture windows installed with insulated glass.

Due to their size, awning windows pair well with picture windows. The name comes from the design: they're hinged on the top and open outward. Awning windows provide good ventilation without letting in the elements like rain.

The combination of bay and bow windows provide a dramatic look and attractively accent any exterior wall. Both designs can use most types of window panel including single-hung, casement or even picture. The bay window combines three windows that vary in width. Bow windows are extremely similar to bay windows, but they can be made of more than three windows, with equal angles that form an even curve. Both bay and bow windows can lend a more spacious appearance to any room.

There are numerous kinds of window designs, and they all offer various benefits such as ventilation and energy efficiency. When shopping for windows, you should keep in mind not only your home's needs, but the different functionalities these popular types of windows present.

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