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If your heating and air conditioning bills are high and your home needs a facelift, consider having your windows replaced by a Charlotte windows installation expert. Besides the insulation factor, new windows have many other great benefits to offer.

One of the primary reasons people have new windows installed in their home or business facility is to replace their old, drafty windows. Because today's windows are manufactured to be much more energy-efficient than they were years ago, new windows provide excellent insulation value, keeping out cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer. In fact, new windows can lower your energy bills by 25 percent or more, which, after five years, can be enough money to buy a new furnace. Therefore, replacing your windows can prove to be a wise investment.

Another big attraction of new windows is the beauty and value they can add to your home or office. With all the various types of windows on the market nowadays, new windows can change the whole look of a home or business facility. For example, if you cannot seem to get enough light in your home or office, a big picture window will open up the room and flood it with sunlight. Likewise, you can even replace a whole wall with custom-made, contemporary stationary windows or glass block windows.

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Skylights will also add a modern flair to any room.

New windows are also extremely easy to care for. Unlike the old single-pane glass windows that operated with weights on the sides, required glazing and adjusting, and were highly vulnerable to breaking, modern windows are virtually maintenance free and require only an occasional cleaning. In addition, double-hung windows easily tilt inwards and can be cleaned in minutes while vinyl frame windows never require painting. This means you won't have to get up on ladders and risk a serious fall while painting and cleaning your windows.

New windows offer reduced sound transmission as well. If you live in a busy city or town environment, you know how loud sounds can interfere with your life. New windows will also keep loud sounds emanating from inside your home from disturbing others.

Home security is a further benefit you can reap when you install new windows. There are many windows that are manufactured with multiple locks and shatter-resistant glass, and these added features will help to stop burglars from smashing through your window in an attempt to get at your valuables. Some examples of shatterproof glass are laminated and tempered glass.

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