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When a homeowner needs to add protection to their windows or wants to boost their energy efficiency, insulated glazing is a popular choice. These windows are usually installed as a home improvement project and require a considerable investment. If the homeowners would prefer to keep their original windows for aesthetic or budgetary reasons, another option is to use storm panels. These products can be put into place by experienced installers of Charlotte windows.

Interior storm panels can be made of flexible polyethylene or a more rigid plastic. They are installed by contractors who use special clips to hold the material in place. They can also be temporarily affixed to the inside of the window with hook and loop tape, double-sided adhesives or a silicone caulking type of material. The interior panels are made as large sheets to fit standard sizes of windows. These professionally installed products are more durable and effective than the kits that are commercially available and use the heat of a hair dryer to make a seal.

There are many advantages to using interior panels. These products are easy to remove at the end of the wintertime.

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They do not detract from the appearance of the home and do not block the view. Other benefits of using these panels include low cost and rapid installation.

The other primary type of storm panel is an exterior unit. These panels are made of glass, hard plastic or rigid sheeting. In order to install these panels, contractors usually use a power screwdriver to secure them to the home's exterior walls over the glass windows. These panels are usually installed in the late fall and removed in the spring. There are two sub-types of exterior panels. The single piece unit is comprised of only the plastic within the frame. A combination unit includes a screen, which allows the rigid plastic part to be lifted up. When the window is opened from inside of the home, a fresh breeze can blow through the screen.

Homeowners choose the exterior panels for a greater level of durability and protection for their windows. This type of panel can reduce thermal loss through the windows by up to 50 percent during the wintertime. Exterior storm panels are custom made for the home, which means the framing can be made in a color that coordinates with the home's shutters and trim. The exact fit makes for a sleek and streamlined appearance.

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