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Charlotte windows are costing people more money than they realize. Old, poorly fitted or loose windows let drafts and breezes blow freely into the house. These drafts are uncomfortable and expensive. They force climate control systems to work harder, and they let extra humidity into the home.

Many people think that the only way to fix drafty windows is to replace them. True, replacement will usually take care of the problem, but it's not always an option. Some homes have original, historic windows that are irreplaceable. For others, new windows just aren't in the budget right now. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to make existing windows much more efficient.

One of the most cost effective ways to stop a window from leaking is to apply caulk or weather stripping. The Energy Information Administration estimates that when used correctly, the energy savings from caulk and weather strips will pay for their installation within the year. Use caulk on cracks and crevices that are less than a quarter inch. For larger gaps, it may be better to use spray foam from a can. Weather stripping is used to seal the movable parts on a window.

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Together, these sealants can make windows more energy efficient for years to come.

Many insulating panels and storm windows are made to be removable. These are attached to the inside of a window using Velcro or magnets. Insulating panels are especially good at sealing out the weather, but they often obstruct the window's view. These may work well in rooms that are seldom used or to provide extra insulation at certain times of year. Removable storm windows attach to the window in much the same way, but they are made of clear plastic and don't completely block the view.

Curtains and draperies are a simple but often overlooked way to improve the efficiency of existing widows. Heavy drapes placed over a window can help to diffuse drafts. They can't stop a leak, but if installed properly, they can reduce thermal loss in a room. Sun blocking shades will also help to keep a room cool. Many people don't realize just how much a sunny window can increase the temperature in a room. Blocking that heat during the early afternoon can really reduce an air conditioning bill.

There are plenty of ways to get new life out of old windows. Fixing the cracks and gaps or blocking them from inside will increase energy efficiency and help to reduce utility bills.

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