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When homeowners want to save money on their energy bills, one of the best ways is to have professional window contractors replace their old windows. Homes lose a majority of their energy through windows because of their poor insulating properties. Newer Energy Star certified windows reduce energy loss and save homeowners money because they have better insulation. Since these windows can be tricky to install, it's best if homeowners hire a Charlotte windows contractor to install them.

Before they hire a contractor to replace their windows, there are a few things that homeowners should know. They should have a basic idea of the type of windows that they want installed. By deciding this beforehand, they can focus on installers that specialize in that style of window. Additionally, since most people don't know a great deal about windows, gathering knowledge about the different styles before they hire a contractor allows the homeowners to ask more specific questions about windows.

Since many homeowners have never paid to have their windows replaced, the next step is to determine the average cost of having this kind of work done. To do this, homeowners should gather at least three detailed bids from different contractors and companies.

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The best bids are the ones that also specify the different products and materials that the contractor will use. They should also go into detail about the amount of labor required to complete the job and list estimated start and finish dates.

The more specific a bid is, the more accurate it is. Bids that are accurate also prevent misunderstandings once a project is under way. After receiving a bid, homeowners should be weary of contractors who want them to pay for the entire project up front. The best contractors should only ask for 20 to 30 percent to start the job. The rest of the money should only be paid after the job is complete. To ensure that they aren't being overcharged, homeowners should look up local laws in their state to see what the maximum amount is that a contractor can charge up front.

Finally, homeowners should read all of the fine print before they sign an agreement with a contractor for the job. This includes the fine print that comes with the contractor's workmanship warranty. It's common for contractors to offer at least two year workmanship warranties on the windows that they install. Most newer windows should also come with a manufacturer warranty, which generally last between 10 and 15 years. The fine print will inform the homeowners as to what they must do to keep the warranty in good standing.

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