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If you haven't bought or replaced windows in many years, you may be surprised at some of the new energy-efficient technologies that exist today. One treatment Charlotte windows professionals provide, low-e coatings, has been designed to solve a number of problems that exist with older windows. Low-e coatings help to reflect light rays away from a window, rather than allowing them to pass through and into your home. Here is a look at some of the benefits Low-e provides:

1. Better insulation rating: Greenhouse effect is something that homes in hot climates with southern exposure worry about. Sunbeams coming into the home may mean the choice between an extremely hot house or a high air conditioning bill. Low-e glass helps to reflect many of these heat rays away from the house and keep it cooler.

2. Furniture protection: Bleaching of floors and furniture from UV penetration is a common complaint in many older homes. In some cases, older hardwood floors will show rectangles of a bleached area that match the trajectory of the sun through the window. This, along with privacy, is one of the main reasons that curtains were invented and considered standard in homes.

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Low-e glass will deflect many of these UV rays, lowering the damage level to the items in your home. It will not remove the problem completely, but it can lower it significantly.

3. Privacy: If you don't like curtains, there is some added privacy on sunny days with low-e windows. They tend to give more of a mirror-like reflection to avoid being spotted by neighbors. As a bonus, wildlife will often come closer to the house without noticing you, making these windows great for watching birds, deer or other critters.

4. Lower heating and cooling bills: One of the main things that a low-e coating will prevent is transmission of infrared wavelengths of light through windows. This works in both directions, meaning that you don't lose heat on cold days, and you don't get sweltering hot on sunny days. This translates into better energy costs as the heat stays exactly where you want it.

5. Stackable Benefits: Double pane windows are considered standard in today's market, and low-e can be done on both panes, increasing the benefit of the coating. Triple and quadruple pane windows are also gaining more popularity, which can increase these benefits by factors of three and four. Coupled with argon gas between the panes, the stacked levels of protection increase the value even more.

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