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Installing insulated, double- or triple-pane windows with a low emissivity coating is an excellent way to help boost a home's energy efficiency and lower summertime air conditioning costs. If a homeowner's budget does not allow for a whole house of new windows to be installed by local contractors for Charlotte windows, there are other options that can be considered.

One way to begin lowering the amount of infrared heat that gets into the home's interior would be to replace one window at a time. The best area of the house to start with is the south side as these windows get direct sunshine for most of the day. After those windows are updated, the units on the west side of the house could be replaced.

Another way to lower a home's thermal exchange with the outdoors would be to install storm windows with a low emissivity film. Contractors can put storm windows onto a home at a lower cost than a full set of windows. The storm windows help to insulate the house and add a layer of protection from wind, rain and sunlight. The attached layer of film helps to block both infrared and UV radiation.

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The storm windows are easy to remove and the films can be peeled off if the homeowner wants them removed.

Property owners can also arrange for annual window maintenance services. Over time, a window's weatherstripping and caulk may crack, peel or disintegrate. When these materials degrade, they are unable to protect against air leaks and moisture intrusion. A contractor can remove the worn-out weatherstripping and caulk and then replace it with a fresh layer of new material. Weatherstripping works to block air drafts around the perimeter of the window. It can be applied to the storm window, screening and primary window. Caulk is placed around the perimeter of the window's framing and acts as a watertight barrier to moisture and air.

Homeowners might also consider having window contractors install exterior awnings or blinds. These products can be closed to block out the sun's heat during summer days and opened to allow for daytime heating in the winter months of the year. Wooden shutters are another way to control heat loss and boost a home's energy efficiency. When the shutters are closed, they insulate the home against heat loss or gain. New technology allows for the motorized control of most awnings, exterior shutters and blinds. Many of these systems can also be built into a home's centralized comfort control system.

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