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Windows are an important and often overlooked feature when it comes to deciding on improvement or renovation projects. This is usually because problems with windows are harder to notice, and the true effects of window quality are equally difficult to detect without some careful investigation. Despite this fact, window quality can have a tremendous impact on home energy efficiency. Newer windows may incorporate a variety of technologies, such as low-e glass, that improve their energy efficiency. A Charlotte windows professional can help homeowners understand the current quality of their windows and decide if an upgrade is needed.

Even in newer homes, windows may need to be upgraded sooner than one would expect. New homes are often constructed using the cheapest possible windows, and these windows will fail quickly. In fact, window replacement is commonly needed on homes that are newer than 20 years old. Even those who have bought a brand new home and are not expecting any maintenance needs for several years may want to move window replacement up to the top of their list.

It is important not to wait for actual window problems to occur before replacing the window. As windows start to fail, they may not shut or seal properly. This can be disastrous for a home's energy efficiency in both summer and winter, which can cause heating and cooling costs to skyrocket.

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By the time a homeowner is actually feeling a draft, they will already have lost a considerable amount of money.

Homeowners may be tempted to buy and install their own windows instead of getting professional help, but this should be avoided. Windows are expensive and fragile. Any imperfections in the installation may damage the window or wall and may defeat the entire purpose of the window replacement.

The time of year is also important to consider when buying replacement windows. There is actually a smart time to buy when a homeowner can get the best deal and the fastest installation time. August is generally the best month to buy new windows. It is typically a slower time for installers because most people are thinking more about how to enjoy the last weeks of summer. Homeowners are also more likely to notice and be prompted to fix home problems as fall weather sets in. It is important to beat the crowd.

By recognizing the need for new windows and choosing installation at the right time of year, a homeowner can save a good deal of money. Savings occur in both the cost of the windows and in the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

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