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Wood is one of the most commonly used materials available for home siding projects. Charlotte siding professionals will always strive to provide clients with efficient installation, but even the most durable systems get dirty over time. Fortunately, it can be easy for homeowners to wash their wood siding without damaging the material itself. In order to clean the surface correctly and without trouble, it is recommended for homeowners to invest in a pressure washer. These devices are designed to clean the area by blasting a concentrated stream of water at the desired surface, ripping away dirt and grime.

To begin the cleaning process, homeowners should connect their pressure washer to a local source of water, such as their garden hose. Users should be sure to choose the right tip in order to avoid damaging the siding. Once the washer is set up, homeowners should mix the detergent next. A pressure washer detergent will usually come with the washer, and individuals should mix the detergent according to the instructions in a 5 gallon bucket. Once ready, the next step is to insert the siphon tube into the detergent bucket.

Before using the pressure washer at full power, homeowners should be sure to wet the siding with the washer. This can be done by setting the slider to the lowest pressure setting and then soaking the siding thoroughly.

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Once it is done, individuals should move on to fill a garden sprayer with 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water. This solution should be tested on a small area first to make sure that it does not damage the siding. If there is no damage to the siding, homeowners can continue spraying the mixture. The spraying should be done thoroughly, with particular attention paid to visibly moldy or soiled areas as well as J channels and other details.

Once the solution has been applied to the surface of the siding, homeowners should finish up. The pressure washer should be set to an efficient pressure setting to clear away the soap from the siding's surface. Users should be careful to avoid damaging their siding systems. To use correctly, individuals should put at least 6 feet of space between the washer and the wall. At this stage, homeowners can experiment with the pressures and distances to determine the safest method of use. Once a setting has been decided on, individuals can simply wash away the dirt and detergent, focusing on particularly caked areas to clean the siding system. Once done, the surface can be left alone to air dry.

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