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Mildew is a common problem found on the siding of homes. Just like with mold, mildew is a type of fungus that requires a solid surface on which to grow along with organic material to digest and moisture to fuel its growth. While mildew usually grows on the surface of siding, it can penetrate into the center of the siding, especially on houses made from cedar or redwood shakes. Experienced Charlotte siding contractors can help homeowners to eliminate or manage the problem of fungal growth on their siding.

The most commonly used method for getting rid of mildew growth on vinyl siding is to use a mildew-resistant paint. These paints usually contain substances called alkyds, and while it won't eliminate a current mildew problem, this type of paint will prevent any new colonies from growing. These fungicides should only be applied by experienced professionals as the compounds contained within them require extra care and handling. These paints are available in all colors and are safe to use on vinyl, wood and composite siding materials.

Another technique used by siding installers to curb mildew growth is to keep the siding clean.

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A garden hose with a spray attachment or a stronger spray jet can be outfitted with a container of diluted bleach or vinegar. Applying this cleaning solution can help to stop existing colonies of mildew from spreading and releasing spores that generate new patches of fungi. The siding should ideally be professionally cleaned once or twice per year.

Homeowners will also need to make sure that their ventilation ducts are open, allowing moisture and heat to escape from the home in a directed way. For example, the clothes' dryer vent should be open and aimed away from a home's siding so that it doesn't foster the growth of mildew.

It's also important to keep all sources of water away from the siding. Rain gutters must be cleaned and inspected regularly since obstructions in the gutters will halt the flow of water, which may cause the rain to spill over and run along the siding. Sprinklers should also be aimed away from the home's siding. Vegetation should be trimmed back away from the house so that no bushes, shrubs, tree branches, tall grasses or flowers touch the siding.

For a permanent solution to mildew growth, property owners should consider installing a special type of composite siding. This material contains a built-in fungicide that continuously battles mildew growth. These products resemble other types of vinyl siding.

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