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Vinyl siding is beautiful, incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance to keep it looking new. For these reasons, many people hire a professional, such as a Charlotte siding contractor, to install vinyl siding on their home or business facility. You can follow these easy tips to keep your siding looking beautiful.

Washing your vinyl siding on a regular basis will remove a buildup of dust, dirt and grime to keep it looking bright. It also removes chemical residue that could potentially cause your siding to prematurely age, fade and discolor. Washing your vinyl siding once every two years is usually sufficient. However, if you live near heavy traffic or in a humid climate, you may need to clean it annually. Heavy traffic near your home can leave a film of black soot on your siding. Likewise, high levels of humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow on your siding, which can produce detrimental effects.

When it comes to the method of cleaning your vinyl siding, it's not necessary to use a power washer. In fact, many vinyl siding manufacturers warn against it because it can void the warranty.

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In addition, it can cause water to get under the panels and into the seams where it can damage your walls. Be sure to read your warranty carefully before using a pressure washer.

For best results, all you need to clean your vinyl siding is a mild cleaning solution mixed with water. A solution of 5 cups of vinegar mixed with a gallon of hot water is gentle but strong enough to remove the chalky substance that develops on the surface of your siding from oxidation.

You can also use a solution of bleach to clean your siding. For every 1 quart of bleach you use, add 1/3 cup liquid laundry detergent, 2/3 cup of powered household cleaner and 1 gallon of water. Be sure to cover anything that can be damaged, such as plants, metal fixtures, outdoor furniture and decorative objects, and avoid washing on very hot days, which can leave stains and spots on your siding.

Before you do the actual cleaning, gently rinse the siding with a garden hose. Using a soft sponge, cloth or a soft-bristled brush attached to an extension pole, clean your siding from the bottom up. Stop after every 10 feet so you can rinse the area before it dries. Do not use abrasive cleaners or stiff brushes, which can leave scratches.

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