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Charlotte Siding: Article About The Most Common Siding Problems

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No matter how efficiently it may have been installed, all siding systems may eventually develop problems. While specific problems vary, depending on the primary material chosen and the age of the system, there are many common issues that all types of siding can eventually develop. Homeowners are encouraged to watch out for some of the following problems. Catching these issues early and calling Charlotte siding professionals for help can be a good way to avoid more extensive damage in the future.

To begin, all systems can experience some type of buckling or warping. If the vinyl siding was not correctly installed onto the home's exterior, then warping and buckling can take place. All materials can warp and buckle, though how quickly the issue arises usually depends on the local area's climate. Homeowners should keep up with their maintenance duties to avoid the development of such problems in the future.

At times, the system may experience moisture issues. While many materials are water resistant and correct installation procedures can reduce related problems, all systems will eventually develop visible signs of water damage. Usually a waterproof barrier will be installed underneath the siding to keep moisture away from the home itself. However, if homeowners spot moisture damage on their walls, there may be something wrong with the barrier or the siding.

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Mold and algae can also develop over time. Homeowners will spot such signs of damage as a gray or white powder on the surface of their siding. Usually, areas that do not receive direct sunlight and retain moisture will develop mold. While the removal process may be intensive, preventative measures are simple. All homeowners need to do is keep their siding free of unnecessary shade, and they will not have to worry about the presence of mold on their system.

Sometimes the system's flashing can create problems. Siding systems should always be matched with the right flashings according to their primary material. If the flashing is poorly installed or not matched correctly, it may wear away, opening up breach points underneath the siding. In such instances, it is not uncommon for water damage to worsen in the system.

Finally, sometimes noise may indicate that there is something wrong with the system. When the siding is poorly installed against the house, the wind may blow through the system, resulting in unpleasant noises. Homeowners will notice loud creaks and squeaks during inclement weather in such instances.

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