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Your home's exterior plays a large role during the structure's lifetime because it protects the interior and adds significant curb appeal to any potential sales. If you're thinking about a complete, exterior renovation, it's important to hire Charlotte siding professionals who can organize the project in a logical timeline. From inspecting the shingles to adding fiber cement siding, a well-organized contractor can streamline a quality project and leave the home with a satisfying appearance.

Every exterior improvement project should begin with a thorough inspection of the rooftop itself. The shingles and underlayment cap the home, and these materials shield the interior from any water damage. Although you may be focusing on a siding installation, those materials cannot be properly added to the exterior walls until the roof and woodwork are verified as quality components. Leaking gutters or decaying soffits might allow rainwater to flow onto any newly installed siding and possibly harm it at an accelerated rate.

If your home has older siding on the exterior, reputable contractors will normally pull these materials away from the structure so they can inspect the underlying wood. Over the years, rain can soak the exterior walls and potentially cause hidden water damage. This structural inspection allows contractors to remove and install solid wood before it's covered up by the new siding.

A siding contractor from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC can answer your questions about fiber cement siding or vinyl siding.

Contractors will install the new siding at this point. This project should move relatively quickly because all of the structural wood is already inspected and verified as strong installation materials. Workers can quickly line the siding up and connect it to the home. Any extra time spent during this project is usually dedicated to trimming the siding to the correct dimensions across the structure.

With the siding in place, contractors can concentrate on the finishing touches across the exterior. They'll normally paint the trim and cover any gaps discovered among the materials. The paint job begins at the rooftop's fascia and ends along the foundation's edge. As a result, homeowners will have an exterior that's entirely new and protected from the outside elements. Homes often have a longer lifespan with proper siding installed.

There are numerous siding choices in the marketplace that range from inexpensive vinyl to the investment of fiber cement. Carefully consider your plans for the property, such as passing down the home to future generations. Long-term property investments should have quality materials added to their structures to help it last the test of time.

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