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Just as a homeowner has many options from which to choose when installing, repairing or replacing their roof, they have many options when it comes to their siding as well. While most homeowners choose vinyl siding because it is inexpensive and easy to install, wood shakes or brick siding can make for a stunning exterior. Regardless of what type of siding a homeowner chooses, they come in different colors and finishes to add to a home's curb appeal.

One advantage that cedar shingle or wood clapboard siding has is that it can be stained as opposed to painted. Painted siding can chip, wear and lose its effectiveness in protecting the home against the elements. A Charlotte siding professional may be able to talk more about how homeowners can still obtain their preferred color scheme without having to use paint.

Stucco siding may be preferable to wood for those who want a durable material that may never need to be painted. Instead, the stucco can be tinted to match whatever color the homeowner desires. While stucco is traditionally made from a mixture of inert materials combined with cement and water, synthetic stucco mixes may offer better results.

A siding contractor from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC can answer your questions about roofing or windows.

Those who want to simulate the look of wood without as much maintenance may wish to use cement fiber siding. This type of siding will prevent termites from entering the home and will offer outstanding protection against fires. Modern cement fiber siding may be placed on top of older cement siding that was made with asbestos. As it may be too dangerous to remove the old asbestos, the new siding will be placed on top of the existing siding.

Engineered wood provides a more natural look than aluminum or vinyl while still being easy to maintain. It often comes in panels that lock together. This can make it easier for a contractor to install and help keep the price of such a material within most homeowner's budgets. Although the grain may be more uniform than real wood, it is generally not noticeable to most people. Furthermore, the use of engineered wood as opposed to real wood could reduce checking or cupping within the material itself.

Homeowners who want their home to be as strong as possible may wish to opt for steel siding. It will last for 50 years or longer and can be created to mimic the look of wood siding. Alternatively, homeowners can opt for an industrial look that has been highly sought after in recent years.

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