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Charlotte siding needs to be able to stand up to intense sunlight during the summer months as well as potential storm damage when rough hurricane seasons push storms inland. This makes understanding your siding options important to avoid replacing your siding investment too soon.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices in siding today. Available in more than 300 colors, vinyl siding is inexpensive and holds its color for many years without fading or chipping like paint does. Vinyl also resists insect damage and rot, but it can be broken if limbs or other objects are thrown against it during high winds. Keep this in mind if your home has sustained significant wind damage in the past. Vinyl should be considered water resistant but not waterproof.

Wooden siding offers a timeless and traditional look and can last for many years with proper care. When considering wooden siding, talk to your contractor about choosing a type of wood that resists insects, wood peckers and rot. Shingles and siding planks are both readily available, and many arrive at the job site pre-treated for longevity and durability. If you do opt for wood shingles, be prepared to refinish them every few years.

Fiber cement siding is perhaps the most popular siding option in America.

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Using a special process, manufacturers combine cement, sand and wood fibers to make an extremely durable siding. Once installed, fiber cement is coated with the color of your choice and then sealed to finish the job. This siding color is guaranteed not to fade, blister or peel for however long you own your home. It's mold resistant and waterproof, and it can mimic the look of wood siding or a stone facade. Though more expensive than other siding options, fiber cement lasts longer, requires no maintenance and is resistant to insect and hail damage. The most popular fiber cement product by far is HardiePlank siding.

Like wood siding, stone creates a natural and timeless look. Unlike wood siding, stone requires no maintenance and does not attract insects. Stone siding does not fade with age and will look as beautiful in 30 years as it does the day it is installed. Stone installation is heavy work, however, so expect to pay a bit more for labor costs than you would with other types of siding. However, the cost may be worth it, given the longevity of stone and its ability to easily handle sunlight, hail, wind and heavy rain.

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