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Wood siding has been used on buildings and houses for hundreds of years and continues to be a popular choice, especially on Colonial, Four Square, Cape Cod, and log cabin styles of homes. Proper maintenance of the hardwood is essential in order to protect the structural integrity of the house and maintain its aesthetic appeal. Experienced Charlotte siding contractors can provide maintenance and perform regular inspections to keep your cedar or redwood siding looking great.

One common issue with cedar and redwood siding is extractive bleeding, which leaves unsightly stains on the surface of the wood and could lead to an uneven appearance. While not structurally harmful, it may detract from the typically beautiful finish of natural wood siding. Contractors can apply protective coatings to guard against worsening of the condition although preventive actions are usually more effective.

Wood siding also needs to be regularly sealed. Sealants help to prevent the wood from rotting, splitting or cracking. In humid environments, a sealant can also help to protect the wood from absorbing too much moisture. Moist wood is attractive to insects like termites and carpenter ants, which can quickly eat through the siding and cause structural damage to the house.

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Many homeowners choose to have a clear sealant made of polyurethane or urethane applied to the wood. This process needs to be repeated every one to two years. The sealants often have added ingredients that protect the wood from fading due to its exposure to the sun and wind.

Cedar siding must also be kept clean. Bird droppings, pollen, grime and dirt may cause damage to the siding. Acids contained within animal waste may cause the wood to break down, allowing it to split or crack. A property owner should have professionals come out to properly clean the siding once or twice per year. Biodegradable detergents are often used to clean the siding. Washing is also a crucial step that must be completed before sealants are applied.

When homes are well shaded by trees, the siding may experience mold, mildew, or moss growth that can split the wood and cause unattractive dark streaks and stains to appear. Some sealants contain an active ingredient that prevents mildew and moss from growing on the wood. In other cases, contractors can clean the siding with a diluted bleach solution that kills existing colonies of mold and mildew, although it doesn't prevent new colonies from growing. For a stubborn mold problem, contractors may use a solution containing oxalic acid to remove the growths and stains.

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