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Think of your siding as a layer of skin for your home. If it becomes cracked or otherwise compromised, it can lead to far greater damages later on. Keeping an eye on your siding's surface can help you catch these issues before they start to degrade the integrity of your home. Even the smallest holes could lead to interior water damage, which could result in much higher repair costs over time. The home is an investment into your future, which is why many homeowners will contact Charlotte siding professionals to help when any issues arise.

Hail is one of the common causes of damaged siding. These small bullets of ice can travel at speeds greater than 140 miles per hour. Siding can only take so much punishment from fast-moving hail before it sustains damage. This is an important aspect to consider since any holes or cracks could lead to moisture getting into the home or animals burrowing into the walls. Examine the surface of your siding closely after each storm.

In addition, a lot of homeowners underestimate the power of a windstorm until it's too late. While the outer walls of your home may be sturdy and are capable of withstanding extreme gusts, they are vulnerable to the debris that is being blown about. Any object that can be picked up by the wind can be turned into a weapon against your property.

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It's common to see damage left behind from branches and other yard objects that are tossed into the side of the building. Try to keep your property clear of debris and yard implements, and examine your structure's walls once the storm has passed.

Furthermore, sunlight has the power to degrade a wide range of materials over time. Its ultraviolet radiation is capable of breaking down most siding types at the molecular level. Although many types of surfaces are resistant to sun exposure, most begin to crack and become brittle over time. Look for severe discoloration within the siding and slight cracking along the surface.

When inspecting the siding, you want to make sure that each piece is firmly secured and connected. Check along the bottom to ensure that water damage hasn't begun to rot away the lower areas. These areas are especially vulnerable to various animals as well as insects. It is not uncommon for bees and wasps to make nests within the walls, which could give them access to the rest of the house. Address any problems you find immediately. Immediate action may save you a great deal of money in more serious replacements and repairs later on.

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