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Choosing the type of siding you want for your house is one of the most important decisions you can make for its overall appearance. Along with the size, shape and number of stories, it is the most visible feature when someone first turns into your driveway. The reason is simple: The siding covers more square feet of the exterior surface than doors or windows do. Therefore, the siding sets the tone for the overall flavor of the décor. Homeowners who would like to know more about the types of available siding should consult with a Charlotte siding professional who can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various types.

Of the major types of siding used, vinyl is among the most popular. It is available in a wide variety of colors and never needs painting. You also have a choice of smooth or textured surfaces. It will not rot, nor is it vulnerable to insect damage. Vinyl siding is made so that the pieces interlock together for stability and protection against the elements. A piece known as a J-channel is used to fit the siding around the fascia for a seamless appearance.

A siding contractor from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC can answer your questions about fiber cement siding or roofing.

Fiber cement siding has a similar appearance as vinyl siding but has a wood-like texture. For individuals who like the appearance of wood but prefer to have the maintenance-free characteristics of other materials, fiber cement is a good choice. Like vinyl, it resists rotting and insect damage.

For those who like the appearance of wood and are not satisfied with anything but the real thing, wood siding is an option. Advantages include features that make it easy to nail and cut. It is also relatively lightweight. However, it is not maintenance-free like fiber cement or vinyl. It must be periodically repainted or stained in order to avoid rotting over time. Cedar and pine are two popular choices. Many individuals who want to stick with wood siding opt for tree bark. It is more durable than the name seems to indicate and is resistant to insect damage. After all, it is the bark that protects the tree against damage from natural sources.

Aluminum siding was originally developed as a low-maintenance alternative to wood siding. Like various other types, it comes in strips and is made with perforated holes at the top to allow it to be fastened to the surface beneath it. The strips also interlock together to seal out the elements.

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