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Like with any other part of the house, maintaining your siding can keep it in excellent condition for longer periods of time. Not only are some of these aspects used to keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful, but many of them may also improve longevity. However, not all types of siding can be maintained in the same manner. It's important to understand your siding before conducting maintenance. This is why many homeowners will contact a Charlotte siding professional for ideas related to those materials.

Vinyl siding can be easily cleaned with a firm scrub brush, basic detergent and a hose. While you don't want to press too hard and create small gouges within the siding, firm bristles can help remove dirt and grime from within the texture. Many people have a great deal of success simply using a power sprayer to reach those hard-to-get-to places along the outer wall. However, you want to be careful when using things such as a pressure washer. Depending on the force that comes from the nozzle, it could easily strip away paint. However, certain types of siding are capable of sustaining this blast of water.

Painting the siding periodically can add a layer of protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Over time, sunlight can begin to degrade various types of siding and cause it to become brittle or otherwise wither away.

A siding contractor from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC can answer your questions about fiber cement siding or windows.

Adding a fresh coat of paint not only gives the structure a new appearance, but it can also prevent long-lasting damage from that sunlight.

Not a lot of people consider the yard as being a danger to siding. During a severe windstorm, virtually anything on the property can be hurled into the side of the house. One of the most common elements are branches that are too close to the home. Trim back the trees to prevent the limbs from banging against the house. This could cause severe cracks and holes to appear from even the lightest of gusts.

Make sure your gutters are always securely fastened and free of debris. An improper drainage system could subject the siding to water damages ranging from discoloration to the onset of mold or mildew stains. While this may be less of an issue for homes that have longer eaves, it may still contribute to siding damage depending on how the water flows across the surface.

The siding is essentially the property's front line of defense against Mother Nature. It's a shield that prevents moisture from entering the home and provides safety for yourself and the family. Take care of this component, and it will take care of you.

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