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One of many siding options for homes is brick veneer. This type of siding is commonly made with genuine kiln-fired clay material, and the individual bricks and tiles are thinner than regular bricks. There are different types of brick siding products, and the most common utilizes the traditional method of joining together the brick tiles with mortar. Newer methods use panels that are attached with adhesive or systems that rely on steel rails or interlocking bricks for installation.

As with all types of siding, brick has its pros and cons. One of its chief advantages is its permanence. Brick is highly durable, and brick siding has been known to last for a century. This aspect, however, makes using a qualified Charlotte siding contractor paramount. It's never more important to have expert installation than when a remodel is meant to last the lifetime of the home.

The lovely aesthetic qualities of brick are another reason this siding is a popular choice. It fits in especially well on homes with a Tudor or Colonial Revival design, two styles commonly found in the Charlotte area.

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There are dozens of brick color, texture and size combinations available, and unlike other types of siding, the weathered look that brick acquires over time is part of its charm. Brick siding requires next to no maintenance. Only the occasional washing is necessary, and there's no need to paint, stain or refinish. Brick is also resistant to a number of things that can cause problems for homeowners, including fire, rot and insects. It can be considered environmentally friendly in that it's made from natural materials and likely won't end up in a landfill after only a couple of decades.

For all its positive qualities, brick siding is not without its downsides. First, it has a higher cost per square foot than other options such as vinyl. This is partly due to an installation process that is rather labor intensive. Brick can be an unsuitable choice for those prone to buyer's remorse. It's very expensive to change if the homeowner later decides he or she is unhappy or bored with the home's look. Brick isn't waterproof, and that can be a problem if the membrane that acts as a moisture barrier between the veneer and the wall isn't properly installed. Also, although bricks are long-lasting, sometimes the mortar joining them is not, so it may need repairs if it starts to crumble.

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