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Although it has been around for roughly 100 years, many homeowners are just now discovering the beauty and durability of fiber cement siding. Charlotte siding professionals can install it on a home with ease, and homeowners can choose from traditional plank siding or shiplap siding.

While fiber cement may be slightly more expensive than vinyl or aluminum siding, it lasts up to 25 years or more with minimal maintenance. It's ideal for those who don't enjoy home maintenance projects or have the time or experience to complete this type of work on their own. Typically, materials, labor or both come with a warranty that limits how much a customer has to spend if there are any problems with the siding.

Fiber cement siding is durable because it's made from a mixture of cement, sand and a wood/fiber mixture. The sand and cement provide a barrier that's resistant to bugs, moisture and fire. It's often manufactured to look and feel like wood although it doesn't need to be maintained like wood. Fiber cement siding also won't rot or become warped. If that happens, it becomes a prime target of insects or animals such that simply eat away at the material.

If an insect or animal tried to eat a piece of fiber cement siding, it would either find that it's too hard to eat or die after ingesting small bits of it.

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The dust that this siding can create may also act as a repellent to creatures who would otherwise try to make the interior of a home's siding as their own homes.

A vapor barrier needs to be applied before the siding is installed. Otherwise, it could trap moisture within the home and create conditions for mold to grow. In addition to being a deterrent to insects, siding can also offer superior protection against termites, which could save the rest of the home from potential infestation and damage. As it offers so much protection, siding may even help an individual reduce his or her home insurance premiums.

The planks themselves can be sanded or otherwise modified to match the existing siding on the home. Therefore, fiber cement siding can be the perfect option for those looking to install a new garage or addition on the house. Since it can be applied to both wood studs and steel studs, professionals can install the siding quickly, reducing the cost of both acquiring and installing it.

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