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Charlotte Roofing: Article About What Is Foam Roofing?

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Foam roofing is an efficient way to enhance the insulation of the roof deck. The material features high R-values, so it reduces drafts from hot and cold spots throughout the home, especially the attic. Because foam remains in place, its R-value will not change over the years. Also, commonly referred to as polyurethane foam, this type of roofing material features a protective top-coat layer and a layer of foam that rests on top of its substrate. This unique combination of materials is drastically different than the properties that traditional roofing features. Charlotte roofing contractors apply the foam by using a liquid chemical that expands to well over 25 to 35 times its volume once it is installed. Contractors can also install a reflective coating to its surface to act as an additional thermal barrier for homes that are located in hotter climates.

Unlike the majority of other types of roofing materials, a foam roof does not require the installation of flashing because it features self-flashing properties that dry upon contact. Foam roofs also provide a tighter fit around the joints and seams, so roofers must carefully calculate the proper thickness before it is installed.

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Although polyurethane foam is a lightweight material, it is not subject to impact damage.

There are several key benefits associated with installing a foam roof. They create a moisture-proof barrier for the surface and significantly improve the building's energy efficiency. Because the chemical tends to dry quickly, many applications can be completed within one day, which reduces the costs associated with labor. In traditional roof installation, contractors often have to waterproof and insulate the deck separately, but during the installation of a foam roof, these two projects are completed simultaneously.

There are a few disadvantages associated with a foam roof as well. Factors such as extreme weather patterns and wind erosion can influence its overall performance, and a re-coating might need to be applied every 10 years. It requires specialized installation techniques in order for it to maintain its longevity and provide maximum benefits. Contractors must understand how the foam's chemical reactions work in order to be able to create a level surface for the roof. The installation cannot be applied on rainy days or during windy or cold temperatures. For environments that feature longer solar cycles, the costs of installing a foam roof might increase as well because contractors will have to apply specialized UV coatings to it.

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