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Among the many types of exterior home siding, vinyl is one of the more low maintenance and economical options. The panels are available in numerous profiles that mimic traditional siding such as wood shakes, clapboard, and board and batten materials as well as brick, log and stone. Homeowners might want to know more about vinyl siding and its various styles before they hire Charlotte roofing and siding professionals for the installation.

Vinyl siding is primarily popular because of its low price tag, although premium products cost more than lower grade. However, there are also minimum maintenance requirements. Homeowners don't need to reapply paint or caulk to joints. With regular cleanings, most homeowners only need a garden hose to maintain the structure.

The most popular type of vinyl siding is lap style, which is designed to look like clapboard wood siding. Homeowners can choose panels with one, two or three courses, which represent the number of rows. Lap style siding comes in various lengths, usually 12, 16 and 20 feet. The flexibility of a panel increases with its length, so homeowners should consider ordering thicker vinyl for longer boards to avoid the event of a cave in.

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It's also beneficial for the panels to have stronger flanges and nailing hems.

Vertical siding looks like board and batten style wood because it uses vertical panels and narrow battens. Polymer vinyl shakes are another type of vinyl siding, and this style offers a variety of aesthetic options. The shakes are molded with polypropylene resin in a process that allows the manufacturer to create deep grooves. This means that the shakes are thicker than traditional vinyl siding.

Homeowners should also consider insulated vinyl, which is backed with an insulating foam layer. This type of siding usually has an R value of four, which means that it's more efficient at insulating the exterior walls of a home than standard vinyl. While additional insulation is the biggest benefit, this material can withstand heavy impacts and offers a more realistic wood appearance.

Vinyl siding also required homeowners to select a trim option. While they can select cheap trim pieces, they should keep in mind that substantial, more detailed options look more like wood trim and camouflage the fact that the house has vinyl rather wood siding. Some examples of trim include door and window mantels, window crowns, corner posts and rosettes. Furthermore, trim offers more design flexibility so that homeowners can create or maintain the architectural style of their home.

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