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Whether a homeowner has experienced a leak or other damage or just wants their roof to be inspected, it is important to work with an experienced Charlotte roofing professional. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house, and damages that happen there can impact the overall structural integrity of one's home.

It is important to hire a roofing ream that a homeowner can rely on for years to come. Many professionals offer warranties on their work, and it is important for homeowners to find a professional that stands by their craft. When looking for a new roofing team, there are a few tried and true steps a resident or owner should follow. First off, the roofing team should demonstrate regular industry work for at least three years and have no legal actions or judgments entered or pending. Homeowners should also make sure that the team not only has all of the required state and local licenses but also that they are all up to date. They should also ensure that their professionals have insurance and can present a current certificate upon request. Homeowners should be wary of companies that cannot provide any of the above information upon request.

There are many factors to be considered when repairing or installing a new roof, and it is key that homeowners take the time to familiarize themselves with the basics, even if they aren't performing the work.

The roofing contractors from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about vinyl siding or fiber cement siding.

Many may not be aware that ventilation is a key component of the roof. Soffit vents and ridge vents help keep the air circulating and ventilate the roof throughout the year. Vents that are clogged can shorten the roof's life span as materials could heat to abnormal temperatures.

Shingles are also a main part of the roof that homeowners should be familiar with. Asphalt shingles can withstand harsher temperatures and are quite durable, though when improperly maintained, they can crack or have blisters from evaporated water under the surface. This can lead to leaks, water damage and the need for costly repairs. Metal is also a popular roofing material but can corrode in climates with heavier rain. Prior to embarking on any repair project, owners should have their roofing professionals thoroughly inspect the roof for any damage. While some roofs have high pitches and others have low slopes or completely flat roofs, all professionals should thoroughly inspect the roof for sponginess as well as blisters, cracks, missing shingles and signs of rot or decay.

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