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The roofing industry has changed so much over the past few years. New developments have made it possible to do amazing things with shingles that greatly enhance the design and appearance of homes. Instead of choosing a plain color shingle for the structure of the house, homeowners can now choose from shingles that come in a multitude of color designs that seem to change color as the light of the day changes.

These new shingles can easily enhance the beauty of a home and can also increase its curb appeal and value. However, not every home is a good candidate for this type of updated roof covering. A good Charlotte roofing company will be able to tell if a home's design will fit with the layout of the new shingles and will be able to recommend the perfect material to make the home as beautiful as possible.

The advantage of these new shingles is they essentially give the appearance of more than one color. The contrasting color of some shingles is obvious. However, some of the more interesting color schemes are more subtle and will not be evident unless they are exposed to light.

Some roofers will use these shingles to actually generate designs on the roof that bring a unique value to the home.

The professional roofers from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about vinyl siding or fiber cement siding.

This is an inexpensive trick to add to the design element and make the structure appear more expensive.

Many homes that are covered with vinyl siding or material that is a true single color will typically look great with this type of shingle. However, there are some homes where those shingles can actually hurt the home's look and decrease its value.

For example, homes that are made from brick or stone should be carefully evaluated by a professional roofing company and the homeowner to make sure these shingles would complement the home. The reason for such caution is some brick and stone material is already multicolored and can show different colors in changing light. A roof with several elements of color on top of a home structure that is also multicolored can make the home look too busy. Typically, if the brick or stone is a flat color, the multicolored shingles would most likely work.

These intriguing color designs can be used with architectural shingles to create a gorgeous roof design that will also offer maximum protection for the home. In addition, this quality roofing material could last for many years if properly maintained.

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