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One of the largest investments a homeowner will ever make in their home is a roof replacement. Most homeowners will only need to have their roofs replaced once or twice within their lifetime, making this step a big one. However, there are times when a homeowner may be unsure whether they should repair their roof or have it replaced altogether.

By simply making repairs, a homeowner may be able to save more money to budget for a total roof replacement in the future. However, replacing the roof now may provide the homeowner more peace of mind. The homeowners would know that their roof is safe and sound, and the project might also increase the curb appeal of a home. There are many factors homeowners will want to take into consideration and discuss with their Charlotte roofing contractor when deciding if they should repair or replace their roof.

The professional roofing contractor should be able to provide an estimate as to how long the current roof and all of its various parts, such as flashing and underlayment, may last. They should also tell the homeowner what kind of roofing problems or signs of aging they are seeing, as this can impact whether or not a roof replacement is required at this time. It is vital that the contractor assess all areas of the roof before providing this timing estimate.

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The likelihood of additional leaks occurring should also be discussed. More leaking can cause further damage to the roof and even damage things inside of the home. Depending on the potential for this damage, it might be worth replacing the roof now.

Also of importance is whether or not the homeowners will be listing their home for sale in the next one to five years. If the roof will likely not pass a professional inspection at the time it is to be sold, it is probably best to go ahead and have the roof replaced now. Spending money on repairing the roof will be a waste if it needs to be replaced in the near future. In addition, a new roof can increase the curb appeal of a home and, therefore, increase its overall value and potential to sell quickly.

Homeowners should also discuss with their roofing contractor how the roof repairs will look. While they may function well, if they do not look good or match the other parts of the roof, it will decrease the home's curb appeal and could cause problems with the homeowners association, if there is one, and with selling the home at a future date.

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