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There are certain safety practices and procedures that Charlotte Roofing contractors must exercise whenever they are tearing off an old roof. There are also some specific reasons why it might be better to completely strip off the existing shingles and start a new roofing project with a clean slate. In fact, evidence suggests new shingles that have been installed on top of old ones will not last as long. Additionally, some manufacturer's warranties will not offer coverage benefits for brand new shingles that have been installed on top of old ones. Conducting a proper tearoff will also allow the contractors to better access the other layers, so they can install upgraded materials in order to better protect the roof, such as an ice and water barrier. If the existing roof has any problems and the contractors cannot inspect all of the roofing layers, the new roof will simply inherit the same problems.

There is a variety of steps that contractors take before the tear off process can even begin. One of the first things they will do is cover any foliage or plants around the perimeter of the home with tarps in order to protect them from falling debris. They might cover the windows with sheets of plywood to prevent breakage from flying debris.

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Any items that require additional protection will also be addressed before the actual tear off process begins.

In order to maintain a relatively clean workspace, professionals will most likely rent a large dumpster and position it close to the house in order to directly drop debris into it. If any of the materials can be recycled or salvaged, they will establish a separate area to store them in. Contractors will use several different types of specialty equipment, including a tear off shovel. This will allow them to remove all of the shingles without causing damage to the roof deck. After the shingles are completely detached from the deck, they will clean the entire surface of the roof with a push broom. Any nails or fasteners that are sticking out will either be nailed back down or removed; otherwise the new shingles may experience damage.

Since it is likely that some of the nails or fasteners will fall to the ground, contractors might use a magnetized broom to ensure that each one has been picked up. After all of these steps have been completed, the contractors will be able to begin the new installation process.

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