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Gutter systems are essential to the structural integrity of many roofs. Treated correctly, gutters will provide an enduring solution to handling precipitation, plant debris and other unwanted materials on a roof. If a gutter is mishandled through poor installation or bad upkeep, however, a homeowner should expect to face a plethora of consequential headaches. Problems that may occur include accelerated moss growth on shingles from backed up moisture, decay around outer structures such as the soffits and fascia and even water damage that could seep into and cause catastrophic damage to a home's siding or foundation. Homeowners can take certain steps to maximize their gutter systems' lifespans through either DIY work or the help of a Charlotte roofing professional.

One of the surest ways to prolong a gutter's ability to do its job is simply through routine cleanings. Many objects, including but not limited to leaves, sticks and stray wiffle balls can find their way into an open gutter drain, and such accumulation can cause severe problems if it is not found and removed.

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A water hose with an extended line could be sufficient to force out some of these clogs; however, taking care not to let extra moisture reach the roof may be wise.

Another gutter system issue that can be mitigated through consistent care is the possible issue of plant overgrowth. Vines such as those of wisteria plants have the potential to entwine a gutter and cause it to break away from the roof, inflicting serious structural damage. A homeowner can avert this by keeping a clean yard and keeping plant life at a manageable size.

Some issues with gutters may be handled best through professional repair work entailing changes in gutter positioning and possibly additional construction. For instance, a gutter system requires a suitable pitch angle to allow the water to travel to a downspout. If a gutter is installed with an incorrect pitch, water may not flow correctly, causing overflows. A similar problem could result if an insufficient amount of downspouts are installed, leading to more water accumulation than the available downspouts can handle.

Another potential issue necessitating professional help could arise if metal flashings are not properly installed between the starter course of shingles on a roof and the gutter lining the eaves. Without these sheets to aid water in flowing off the roof correctly, the wooden roof deck can take unnecessary water damage, so their presence can be crucial.

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