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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Sun Exposure and A Home's Roof

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When a house is built, one of the first decisions that a homeowner will often have to make is the way to orient the structure on the property. Bedrooms that face east will enjoy the earliest rays of the sun, while family rooms and kitchens on the southern side of the home will enjoy bright light all day long. Experienced Charlotte roofing experts can advise homeowners on the best roofing orientation in order to achieve a great performing and long-lasting roof that also boosts the home's energy efficiency.

A home's roof will experience the most degradation from ultraviolet light on its southern side. Because of this, many homeowners choose to shade this side of the house with deciduous trees. During the summertime, the trees' leaves help to shade the roof. This shading helps keep the roof's surface cooler and lessens the amount of heat that is able to penetrate into the attic. In the winter, the leaves are gone and the sun can do its work of warming the home, thereby decreasing the workload on the furnace or heat pump.

Many property owners find that the south-facing side of the roof wears out faster than the other sides. This is directly due to the sun's heat.

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One way to help the roof last longer is to have the roofers install a radiant barrier. These barriers reflect an average of 95 percent of the sun's energy back into the atmosphere. Houses with a radiant barrier installed onto the roof's sheathing are more energy efficient. In places like North Carolina, a radiant barrier has a payback period of about seven years, making it a worthwhile investment.

Another way that a homeowner can take advantage of the sun is through the installation of skylights. These windows in the rooftop can add abundant natural lighting to any space. Experienced roofers can install traditional skylights as well as some specialty pieces. Southern and western facing rooms are great locations for an obscure glass skylight, which will brighten up the space all afternoon. Another option is a tubular light, which uses a long, angled glass tube and mirrors to reflect light from one side of the roof to a room that does not receive enough natural lighting on its own. Ridge skylights are a newer option that involves having the roofers install a skylight right across the roof's peak. These fixtures are excellent additions to homes of all types.

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