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Rooftop inspections should be a yearly occurrence for a homeowner's property, especially if a home sale is pending. Unless the homeowner's roof is a brand new installation, all materials are aging at varying rates across the surface. In fact, a sunny rooftop section could look more worn than a shaded area. It's important for homeowners to know their rooftop's strengths and weaknesses as Charlotte roofing professionals inspect all of the system's components. Certain surface features tell contractors that a roof is in good shape and can be relied upon for many years of moisture damage protection.

Traditional shingles have a rough surface created by tiny roofing granules. These particles aren't just for aesthetic purposes, but they actually help the shingle reflect sunlight radiation. In addition, they also direct water flow into nearby gutters. Generally, strong rooftops don't display excessive granule loss. If homeowners notice many particles dotting the ground after a rainstorm, the shingles are actively breaking down and must be immediately inspected.

Contractors install flashing at almost all transition points on a rooftop. These metal pieces can last as long as the shingles themselves. Weak and aging rooftops often display rust along flashing pieces.

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Contractors must replace these damaged components before rust covers the entire metal surface. Ideally, strong rooftops shouldn't have any visible rust on their surfaces.

Strong rooftops also have a clean appearance to their surface without any distinct color changes. Black or dark green blotches across some shingle sections, for example, usually indicate that mold or algae is actively growing. These microorganisms contribute to accelerated shingle decline and weak rooftop layers. Contractors can clean these darkened areas and apply appropriate sealants to ward off future growths.

Strong rooftops quickly weaken when any roofing materials are missing from the surface. Shingles can break off from the roof when high winds prevail, for example. The best strategy to reduce any shingle blow-offs is consistent professional evaluations. Contractors can adjust and replace certain rooftop items at each appointment to preserve the surface for several decades.

Rooftops can display various changes through the years that might prompt homeowners to contact professionals for an evaluation. Materials flapping in the wind and even unusual shading could alarm residents. When roofing professionals visit a property on a regular basis, minor repairs are to be expected but will prevent the need for big repairs. Homeowners should continue to be observant of their rooftop and the surrounding property to catch any developing problems before they grow any larger.

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