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Humidity in the Charlotte area can be very high, especially during the hot summer months, and this can cause many problems for a roof and attic. Humidity and its effects on a home's infrastructure is one of the reasons why regular maintenance is so important in prolonging the lifespan of a home's roofing system.

Regular inspections of a roof's ventilation system can prevent many of the problems associated with high humidity. It's a good idea for homeowners in the Charlotte area to consult with a qualified roofing professional to inspect the roof and attic space during the summer months when humidity is at its highest.

Homeowners in need of a Charlotte roofing contractor want a professional they can trust to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to keep a roof in top shape. They want a contractor that will carefully inspect the home's whole roof and attic and recommend any necessary repairs or changes to improve the attic's ventilation.

A home's soffit vents can become clogged with dust, loose insulation and other debris, preventing the free flow of air necessary to keep humidity levels as low as possible in the attic. In older homes that have been repainted many times, the soffit vents will sometimes be painted over and completely clogged. These will need to be replaced.

High humidity in the Charlotte area can cause wood to expand and warp, beginning the decay process.

A roofing professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about fiber cement siding or vinyl siding.

It will cause the wood of the soffit and fascia to soften and rot. The paint will also discolor and flake away, and moisture can condense on the underside of the roof, deteriorating the plywood roof decking.

In these conditions, dry rot fungus can begin to feed on the damp wood decking, consuming the fibers of the wood. When the wood begins to break down, the roof decking will collapse under the weight of the shingles and underlayment, leaving a sunken place in the roof. Eventually, if not repaired, the dry rot will spread, causing the whole roof to eventually collapse.

Mold and mildew thrive in a high humidity environment. A hot and humid attic, especially one without adequate ventilation, can become heavily infested with these fungi. Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the air, and these can be inhaled by humans. A person with any sort of respiratory ailment or immune system problem can become seriously sick from living in a house with a moldy attic.

A qualified roofing professional will check for any of these problems during a humidity damage inspection, in addition to much more. A professional can offer valuable advice on how to correctly address these high humidity problems and can help the homeowner save their roof and money.

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