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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Rooftop Moisture Damage Concerns and Issues

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When homeowners inspect their rooftop's surface, one of the biggest issues that they always look for is moisture damage. Moisture damage can be one of the most pressing concerns for any roofing system, and it is particularly dangerous because the mere presence of unwanted moisture can lead to a variety of other problems in the home. While Charlotte roofing specialists can provide homeowners with necessary replacements and repairs, it is up to the clients to determine whether or not their roof will need to have repair work done to it. Homeowners are encouraged to watch out for some of the following common problems that are caused by the presence of water on the roofing system.

One of the first and biggest problems that moisture damage can cause is the developments of mold and mildew. These harmful organic growths can quickly develop on the surface of many different roofing systems. They may develop on top of the shingles, underneath them, over the decking, underneath the rafters and just about anywhere. When they develop in the attic, homeowners may suffer from harmful health effects for as long as the mold remains in the area.

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These growths can quickly become airborne and spread over the house, all while negatively affecting the residents' health. Residents with asthma problems are particularly at risk.

Another common issue that water damage can lead to is ice damming. This is particularly prevalent in colder climates and in homes that do not have well insulated attics. When snow and frost begin to collect on the roof's surface, it can melt and trickle down to the edge of the roof. Here, the ice refreezes and recesses a little bit back into the roofing structure, based on the melting and freezing process. This is a very slow and gradual destruction of the roofing system, as the ice can force apart key sections of the roof and leave it bare for further damage.

Finally, homeowners should watch out for structural damage in the form of rot and obvious wear. Water damage is dangerous because, in addition to the way it causes surface damage, it may also pierce deep into individual sections of the roof's material. Wood supports and other similar structures may become impregnated with water, which can lead to internal issues that destabilize the entirety of the material. If left alone, it is not uncommon to see rot immediately develop and cause sagging to the rest of the roof's structure, especially in older buildings.

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