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There are many different roofs available for homeowners that are looking to make their home more environmentally friendly. Green offerings are environmentally conscious in that they're often made with sustainable materials or materials made with less of an environmental footprint. These materials are also designed to minimize their impact on the environment over the long term, curbing household energy use. While some of these options present a higher up front cost, they are known to help decrease a home's energy bill over time.

Homeowners looking to install a green roof should contact a Charlotte roofing team that has extensive experience with environmentally friendly roofing options. Some of the most popular roofing options that will help reduce a home's environmental footprint will be discussed below. It is important for homeowners to familiarize themselves with the different options as not every solution will be the right fit for the home.

White roofs are a quality option for homeowners with residences in very sunny areas. Many homes in more tropical climates use this solution as the roof is coated with a white material that provides sun protection.

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This material reflects heat from the sun away from the house, keeping the house cool and decreasing the need to constantly turn up the air conditioner, resulting in a significantly decreased energy bill.

Another type of ecofriendly roofing solution is the alternative tile roof system. While these roofs are often built from clay or stone, they can also be made of slate. These materials are very durable and stand up to extremely high heat as well as severe weather. These roofs can also be aesthetically pleasing for those with Spanish-style houses.

Metal roofs have been known to outlast some more conventional roof types, such as slate shingles while also being an environmentally friendly solution. Metal roofs are often recycled from other metals and are known for their reflective abilities. Much like the white roof option, these types of roofs work by reflecting the sun's heat away from the house rather than absorb it.

While more expensive, solar panel roofing systems really offer the complete package. Solar panels work by absorbing the sun's heat and converting it to usable energy. Homeowners will find that they are able to rely almost exclusively on their solar energy, depending on the home's location. Some homeowners have even made money on this roofing solution by selling their extra, unused energy to other energy providers.

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