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Popular roofing styles today include arched and curved roofing styles, different textures and lighter colors. Charlotte roofing contractors are particularly interested in developments in eco-friendly materials for new construction and replacement projects. When considering a roof replacement, be sure to ask questions about what is new and what would work best for the home's design and structure.

Green technology is taking the industry toward more solar roofing options. These products include photovoltaic roofing and modules, solar tile and solar shingles, which can be applied on existing roofs as well as new ones. Green roofing decreases carbon emissions, taps into a source of unlimited solar energy and can make the homeowner eligible for energy conservation tax breaks.

Solar shingles use mono crystalline or polycrystalline cells to capture the sun's energy. Typically, cost and space are the biggest concerns with the use of mono crystalline materials, but homeowners can look forward to average annual utility savings of around $1,000. Mono crystalline panels use less space and have the highest efficiency. They are therefore chosen more often by homeowners. Solar tiles and shingles are far less obtrusive than panels are on a home's rooftop.

Reflective coatings also work with the sun, but in an entirely different way. These function to keep the homeowner's environment comfortable in the heat of summer by reflecting the sun and heat away from the home, making it more energy efficient as a result.

A roofing professional from Southern Home Services of Charlotte NC would be happy to answer questions about fiber cement siding or windows.

Also called cool roofing, the coating covers the dark colored materials on existing roofs and can increase the roof's longevity. New products have evolved due to a demand for acrylic, silicone, polyurethane and latex materials that are applied on site.

In regards to traditional asphalt shingles, the new and improved options include laminated asphalt. Both composite and asphalt shingles can be covered with energy efficient granules. These granules are available lighter colors and can reflect the sun's heat in the same way reflective coatings do. They are more durable than other asphalt shingles, have textured styling and are available in blended tones of light blues, gray and mauve options.

Sustainable roofing can also include cedar shakes since they are a natural material, are long lasting and are lighter in color than other roofing options.

The trend for green roofing is inspired by new technology and demand across the U.S. Manufacturers are working hard to make products stylish and interesting while protecting the environment. With so many newer products available on the market, it is even more important to choose the right contractor with experience estimating and installing these materials.

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