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Occasional dry spells and droughts may turn the grass brown and cause trees to lose their leaves, but these are only cosmetic concerns. A real safety issue related to prolonged dry periods is the threat of wildfires. Rural areas, towns and cities are all at risk of experiencing flames and embers brought in by wind gusts when a field or forest starts to burn. To lessen their risk of home damage caused by these fires, homeowners can work with an experienced Charlotte roofing service to increase the fireproof properties of their roofing systems.

Most manufacturers of wooden shingles will perform fireproofing before the products are made available to roofing contractors and consumers. The process of fireproofing involves the use of full cell vacuum pressure. The wood shingles are placed into a large chamber and high-pressured machines inject fire retardant chemicals deep into the inner cells of the cedar. Roofers can also make cedar or redwood shingles more resistant to fire by applying a solution of diammonium phosphate to the wood before it is installed. This should be done before the shingles are laid onto the roof's surface because all parts of the shingles must be coated with the chemical mixture.

If a homeowner is flexible about which type of exterior roofing material is installed onto their house, their risk of fire can be lowered to a greater extent.

A professional roofer from Southern Home Services of Charlotte would be happy to answer questions about roof repairs or fiber cement siding.

Metal is one of the most fire-resistant materials available. Even when the metal is coated with an epoxy surface to enhance its reflectivity and energy efficiency, it still maintains the highest possible fire rating. A house outfitted with a metal roof may even have lower homeowner's insurance rates due to the low risk of the roof catching fire. Roofers can also install grounding systems for metal roofs to reduce the chance of lightning strikes.

Another good choice for roofing materials in fire prone areas is a tile roof. Both natural slate and clay offer a high level of natural resistance to flame. Even if a fire is burning nearby, these materials will not become damaged from the heat. Clay can be exposed to temperatures in excess of 1,800 degrees or even higher without cracking or shattering. The clay tiles themselves are fired at temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees during the manufacturing process. Slate also has high fire resistance.

If a property has a detached garage or an outbuilding such as a barn or shed, they can be roofed with the same materials as the house. Using metal, clay or slate tile on these structures also helps to reduce their chances of burning.

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