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Reputable Charlotte roofing contractors are trained and have the experience to be on top of a roof and at extreme heights. Most homeowners do not have the training or experience to do this. That is why homeowners are advised not to get on their roofs and to leave this job to the professionals. Considering that over 130,000 homeowners seek medical treatment after a fall off of their roof each year, getting on the roof is likely not worth the risk. However, from time to time, a need may arise for a homeowners to get on their roof before the roofing professional can arrive. In that case, they need to adhere to these safety recommendations.

Prior to getting on the roof, the homeowner should inform someone nearby. This can be a neighbor who lives close by or someone in their own home. This is a safety precaution in case the homeowner needs assistance or runs into trouble while on the roof. That person should check on the homeowner periodically to see if he needs anything.

Proper safety gear and materials should be utilized, including shoes with excellent traction, or even roof boots. Googles, gloves, and a safety harness are also helpful. Homeowners should be sure to use all ladders and any other tools according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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They should be aware that carrying tools and supplies up to the roof will make this job harder and potentially more hazardous.

Homeowners should clean up their mess as they go while on the roof. Leaving tools or supplies out can put homeowners at risk of stepping or tripping on them, or even having a tool or a nail penetrate their skin somewhere. Homeowners should also pay strict attention to the area right in front of them and be careful not to get distracted by the view from their roof or anything else that might be going on around them.

If a homeowner wants to inspect their roof but does not feel comfortable getting on it, some of the roof can be seen from the ground with binoculars.

Whenever possible, homeowners should wait for their roofing contractor to arrive, especially if they do not feel physically capable to or comfortable with getting on their roof. Many homeowners do not know a lot about roofs or making roof repairs and can even make matters worse, giving them another reason to stay off the roof and let the contractor do their job.

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