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Although the terms skylight, sky window and roof window are often used interchangeably, there are actually subtle differences that homeowners should be aware of before making a choice. What these home features all have in common is that they let in a lot of natural light, but that light comes at the cost of added maintenance concerns that demand regular attention from a Charlotte roofing professional.

A skylight is the most prevalent term used to described a window installed in a ceiling. The goal of a skylight is to provide additional natural light and to provide it from an angle that wouldn't be possible if the window was installed in a wall. Nearly every skylight requires a roof slope of at least 15 degrees, and most come with a flashing kit that ensures a tight seal with the roof.

What distinguishes roof windows from skylights is that they tend to be quite large and installed low enough along the roof that one can see out onto the landscape. Up close, the roof window tends to serve as a standard skylight, but from across the room, the viewer gets a much greater vantage.

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Roof windows are sometimes used in conjunction with skylights to provide ideal lighting throughout the entire day.

Sky window is a term used to describe a large, open area of glass in a roof. Often, these windows are so large that they're made up of individual windowpanes. Such windows are most common in cities since they can provide studio apartments and other housing types with natural light that wouldn't otherwise be possible. They're not common in the average residential community because of upkeep and practicality concerns.

Although skylights, roof windows and sky windows can be installed at any time, roofing professionals generally advise installing them when the roof is replaced. Installing a skylight disturbs an existing roof greatly and often necessitates significant repair anyway. By coordinating installation, the homeowner can minimize costs and ensure that the new roof is shaped to the skylight for the ideal seal.

Skylights should be inspected by a roofing professional on an annual basis. If there are any signs of wear to the flashing, then a new flashing kit should be installed as soon as possible. Sky windows often require glazing and possibly caulking. Those seals should be checked by a glass professional on an annual basis as well since water can seep through compromised glaze and into the home.

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