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Copper gutters are beautiful and durable and add value to any home; however, they are also high maintenance. It only takes a few months for copper gutters to take on a brownish patina. Although some homeowners prefer the patina look, others would rather restore their copper gutters to its original brilliance or avoid the endless polishing by painting them over. Charlotte roofing experts have some advice for doing both.

For homeowners who are willing to take the time to restore their copper gutters to their original color, cleaning them does not have to be expensive. However, homeowners must take extra care when cleaning copper gutters to avoid scratching the delicate surface. When working with copper gutters, homeowners should wear gloves to avoid transferring oil from their skin to the copper. This can be damaging to the surface of the copper.

To remove patina from copper, a homeowner can buy special gels and polishes or create a mixture out of common household ingredients. Homemade copper cleaner is made from 2 cups of vinegar, 2 cups of salt, and 2 cups of flour. Once the ingredients are mixed well, they can be applied to the gutters. After the mixture has been applied, it can be buffed away with a non-abrasive cloth. Never use steel wool or abrasive cleaners on copper.

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Since copper starts to discolor within months, maintaining the original copper glow will take periodic cleanings throughout the year. This might be too labor intensive for some homeowners who may choose to paint their copper gutters instead. However, paint cannot be applied over patina. It will quickly flake off. Instead, a homeowner will need to follow the copper cleaning steps provided above.

Once the copper has been cleaned and there is no more patina, the homeowner will need to apply a two-step metal primer. The first primer bonds to the copper, and the second application bonds to the primer, creating a paintable surface.

To create a better finish that will last longer in challenging weather conditions, select outdoor paints and apply three different products. First, apply an undercoat to create a smooth consistent base. The second coat of paint provides the color. Finally, applying a waterproof topcoat will help the paint last longer.

Copper gutters have the longest lifespan of any gutter system, lasting 100 years or more. There is no need to replace a perfectly functional system just because it has developed a patina. Homeowners have two options for updating the look of their home, removing the patina or painting the gutters.

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