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Charlotte Roofing: Article About Retrofitting With Ridge Vents

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A ridge vent is a long vent that spans the length of the roof ridge. It is used to ventilate hot and moisture-rich air from the interior of the attic during all seasons. This venting system can work to help a house stay much cooler and the attic much drier.

Ridge vents have grown in popularity over the last decade, even though there has been controversy over their level of effectiveness. Ridge vents work on the scientific principle that hot air always rises. It is logical that ridge vents, being located at the very top of the roof, are the best place to allow hot air to escape from the attic.

Most older homes in the Charlotte area do not have ridge vents. Usually, when an older roof is being reshingled, the Charlotte roofing professional will ask if the homeowner wants the house retrofitted with ridge vents. If the homeowner is interested, the ridge vents can be installed with the roofing material and seamlessly integrated with the new roof.

Ridge vents allow a new roof to stay cooler and last longer.

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If the home's HVAC equipment is located in the attic, then ridge vents will help lower the temperature during hot days and help the unit to run more efficiently. Also the cooler temperatures will extend the life of the HVAC equipment.

When ridge vents are retrofitted on a roof, it is a good idea to make sure the interior living space is made as airtight as possible. Make sure to seal all holes in the ceiling are sealed. Areas such as where recessed lights and electrical boxes are located can be a big source of air leaks.

A thick layer of insulation should be installed over the floor of the attic to further prevent the living space from losing heat in winter and cool air in the summer. This insulation barrier, along with the new ridge vents, will prevent overly moist air from building up in the attic space and causing wood decay and dry rot fungus. Caution should also be taken so that soffit vents are not covered with the new layer of insulation.

When ridge vents are retrofitted, the house will need soffit vents for air intake. If the house is older and has no soffit vents, these may have to be installed. With soffit vents in place, the new ridge vents will encourage a lot more air flow through the attic.

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