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Having a new roof put on your home can be a big investment and many homeowners understandably look to save money. Instead of a complete tear-off, one option that many homeowners choose is to re-roof their home. Instead of stripping off the existing shingles and underlayment, the roofer will fix any deficiencies that are found with the existing roof and then place a new layer of shingles on top. While this method can save you a lot of money, there are some important reasons why a Charlotte roofing professional may not recommend it as the best way to upgrade your roof.

It is very difficult to determine the exact condition of the roof's sheathing without visually inspecting it. An accurate inspection can only be done by tearing off the existing shingles and underlayment to expose the sheathing. With a re-roof, the roofer can only do a walking inspection to try to find weak areas and repair them. However, this method is not foolproof and it is possible that existing problems could go undetected.

The same is true for the roof's underlayment. Without removing the shingles, it is hard to determine its condition.

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Once the roof's membrane is compromised, it is easy for moisture to seep into the roof deck and start leaking into your home. Improvements in the types of material used for underlayment have improved over the years and are a definite upgrade above the previous standard of using tarpaper as a moisture barrier between the shingles and sheathing.

Your home's infrastructure or frame may not be able to accommodate additional layers of shingles. Depending upon the type of shingles used, each 100 square feet of new shingles added can added an extra 450 pounds to your existing roof. The added way can cause the roof sheathing to sag in between the roof's trusses or rafters. Some local ordinances may limit the amount of layers that can be added to a home's roof, or in some cases, do not allow reroofing at all.

Even though your roofer will replace damaged or missing shingles, the installed shingles will eventually take on the deficiencies of the shingles left underneath. This means they may begin to curl, develop gaps or become distorted because of the shingles they are installed over. You may find that if these problems do occur, your manufacturer's warranty may not cover repairs or replacement. In the long run, especially if you plan to sell your home within a few years, a complete reroof will help you avoid problems and keep your manufacturer's warranty intact.

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