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Many people forget to inspect their roofs until leaks or other serious damages occur. Since fall is one of the most opportune times to check out your home before the winter season strikes, there is a good chance that either you or your Charlotte roofing contractor will notice something wrong with your roofing system. However, even if you find a leak, there's no need to panic, since leaks are common problems and can be easily handled if caught early. There are three main locations where a leak is most likely to occur, and, the more you know about these locations, the easier it will be for you to prevent damage in the future.

In terms of roof leaks, the area around the chimney is the most problematic. A leak can happen here for any number of reasons, including cracks, old caulk and problems with the chimney's flashing. However, you will need to carefully inspect the entire area around the chimney to determine the cause. Check the flashing for cracks or other types of damage and replace if necessary, and peel off old sealant or caulk around the base of the chimney and apply new product for a tight seal.

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Although skylights provide lots of natural sunlight, they can also cause damage if not caught and repaired. Keep in mind that leaks around the skylight might not be easy to find, so take your time when examining the area. Since most leaks will happen in the flashing since this is where the skylight and the roof connect, it may be in your best interest to contact a professional roofer for information about replacing the damaged flashing.

Leaks can also occur in the roof valley where two parts of the roof meet. This delicate area requires special attention, and many homeowners might not realize that their roof's metal flashings have been improperly installed. In general, damage in the roof valley can be difficult to fix depending on the exact nature of the problem, so you might consider speaking with a contractor to determine the extent and cost of repairs.

Remember that, like all other parts of your home and landscaping, the roof needs special care. Since the roof is a crucial part in the overall condition of the house, it is always in your best interest to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. Doing so will save you trouble in the future, and you will be more likely to notice damage and leaks before they escalate into a more serious problem.

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