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Wood shakes are one of the most popular roofing materials to use on homes due to their classic style and traditional appearance. They've been used for several decades and are employed by many Charlotte roofing professionals on different types of buildings. When it's time to install a new roof on the home, there are a few pros and cons to consider for those who are interested in the application of wood shakes.

There are several energy and environmental benefits to wood shakes because the product is constructed out of a natural and renewable energy source. They are also biodegradable, which avoids contributing more waste to landfills. Some of the shakes can even be recycled after they've deteriorated.

Although wood shakes are attractive on homes, they don't come without plenty of maintenance and repairs. This material needs more maintenance than typical composite shingles, which require more of an investment with regards to time and money. Houses featuring wooden shakes are also more prone to the development of leaks, which can damage personal belongings. The shakes also fade over time, which can make it difficult to replace the roofing materials with new products due to color and blending concerns.

Homeowners can also be discouraged by the overall cost of wood shakes, which have a significantly higher price tag than other roofing options.

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The average price is $200 to $300 per square foot with installation. This means that a roof with wood shakes can cost as much as $4,000 for a 2,000 square foot roof.

The longevity of wood shakes is also a drawback for those who are looking to install a new roof. Wood roofs typically only last an average of 30 years, which can be discouraging for homeowners who are interested in making lasting investments for a long term residency. However, those who are selling the home can benefit from the wood roof due to an increased property value after the installment process has been completed.

Wood shakes also supplement the aesthetic appeal of the home by creating a unique style that stands out among other properties. Many people enjoy the neutral look that it creates, which is ideal on older houses, which are readily dates by clay tile or metal roofs. Unfortunately, the quality and appearance of wood roofs evolves over time due to UV rays and exposure to environmental elements. This can detract from the curb appeal of the property until the roof is replaced again.

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